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My Background


2008 - Present

Co-Founder, President & CEO of Ben's Soft Pretzels, Live Large Distribution, and Affiliate Companies.

I am a proud local entrepreneur that loves growth and is pleased to have built a company through servant leadership and fiscal responsibility. Currently, I oversee a great team of more than 50+ professionals that have anywhere from GEDs to Master's Degrees. I have used my God-given abilities to negotiate agreements with the largest companies in the World, including Walmart, Simon Properties, Pepsi Co., and more. Ben's Soft Pretzels is currently one of the fastest and most respected local brands in the sports concessions and Quick Serve Restaurant industries. I am proud to have mentored many of our team members who have left Ben's to become military officers, entrepreneurs, professionals, and more. Ben's Soft Pretzels is a local brand found in more than 150 locations in 14 states.

With my two business partners, I have built a great business that is virtually debt-free with hard work and fiscal responsibility. I am dedicated to working within the constraints of a budget and will use the tools that I have to bolster RedHawk Pride, Staff Confidence, and Curriculum that educates, not advocates. 


National Sales Manager, Product Developer, and Brand Owner

After leaving Purdue University a the age of 20, I found a home in the RV industry.  Working my way from an entry-level Sales coordinator role to Vice President of Sales and Product Development.  During that time I also was a minority owner of a manufacturer and with my father we owned a brand that was sold to a national rv manufacturer.

RV Industry



Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN

I spent 2 years at Purdue University. I used these two years to mature socially.  I enjoyed college life but because of my learning style, I quickly realized that college was not for me. I left in 1997 to enter the world of manufacturing sales.


Goshen High School

Goshen, Indiana

I spent my high school days in the classrooms and halls of Goshen High School.  I learned from some of the best teachers Goshen has ever had. 


Whiteman Jr. High & Goshen Middle School

Goshen, Indiana

After graduating from St. John's Catholic school my family decided that even though we lived in the Concord School District my brother and I would pay tuition to be able to attend the wonderful Goshen School system. I was the first 8th grade class at the Goshen Middle School.  

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